Dining Chairs

Chairs shown unfinished,
Color options are virtually limitless as to paint or stain colors available and customer choice.
Chairs shown on this page are manufactured by Whitewood Industries.
Whitewood Industries founded in 1979 is a 30+ year old company located in Thomasville, NC .
The Hollow Fencepost is an authorized dealer.
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113   113T   114   1206   1206A   C-1602B
265B   265AB   285   585   969   C-10B
C-11B   C-110B   C-1200B   C-1200AB   C-1202B   C-1202AB
C-14B   C-14AB   C-150   C-151   C-170B   C-18B
C-19B   C-2B   C-20B   C-20AB   C-2170B   C-2170AB
C-219B   C-22B   C-271B   C-29B   C-290   C-30B
C-310B   C-310AB   C-316B   C-316AB   C-390B   C-465B
C-465AB   C-61B   C-613B   C-910B   C-910AB   C-918B
C-920B   C-920AB   C-31B   C-921B   C-226B   C-617
C-47B   C-48B   C-49B   C-34B  

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